Richard Bender is candidate and one we would put high on the list.  He has a great leadership background with his experiences both in the military but also as a Senior Pastor and now Campus Pastor and working with the youth.  Richard has a Business Admin background to help oversee all administration tasks.  He has a passion for teaching, studying and ministering to church community. He is also enrolled in seminary to get his MDIV.  Richard and his family are available to move as soon as possible as the church he is at now is fully aware and supports his desire to move into a more Senior role.  He is in his 30’s, has 3 kids and a wife that works as a nurse.

Personal - 

A compassionate servant leader with a heart of discipleship. Richard enjoys reading and studying culture & societies along with A.W. Tozer, C.S. Lewis and recently Ravi Zacharias. His hobbies include my family, sports, hunting and fishing, and the great outdoors.