8 Keys to a Great Church Website

With over 500 million registered websites on the WWW, you can definitely find a slew of horrifically designed websites.  Unfortunately many of those websites are faith-based organizations.  Please recognize that we live in 2016 and the Internet provides unlimited ways to communicate and connect to potential audiences.  The website you form could be and should be your number one communication tool.

What You Need to Be a Successful Church Creative

I like John C. Maxwell’s definition of success: “Success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others.”

What unifies you to everyone else likely reading this post is that you have a firm understanding of your purpose in life: to see God glorified and the gospel spread. In seeking to see that happen, you’re undoubtedly “sowing seeds that benefit others.”

But it’s that second characteristic of success Maxwell talks about that church leaders often wrestle with the most: “growing to reach your maximum potential.” 

4 Myths About Creativity and the Church

There’s been a big movement toward more creativity in the Church over the last few years. That gets me excited, because I love when churches can grab people’s attention.

Unfortunately, I think people have a few incorrect theories about creativity and its use in the church. Never fear. I’m clearing them up right here.

Here are four myths about creativity and the church.