Church Leaders: What Prevents Your Best Ideas?

Last week, we asked our email newsletter subscribers one question: what issues most often prevent you from carrying out your best ideas? You can see the breakdown of their answers below:

Though Time and Staff tied, Budget, Talent, and Training weren’t that far behind. To us at Provident Staffing, this quick survey confirmed our hunches.

  • Church leaders don’t have time to enact their best ideas.
  • Senior pastors may not have the right number or the right people on staff to grow their churches.
  • Executive pastors may always see their budgets or in-house talent as preventing the team’s best ideas from coming to fruition.
  • And church staff may feel that a lack of adequate training is hindering their success as church leaders.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We knew that the local church is filled with creative leaders with great ideas. We also knew that these creative leaders were often discouraged when their ideas were never realized. Our assumptions were confirmed in this survey as to why church leaders’ best ideas often fail to move past a notepad, whiteboard, or staff meeting. 

These results are the exact reasons we created the Flow Creative Arts Conference

We intentionally recruited conference speakers who have overcome lack of time, staff support, money, and resources in order to bring great ideas to life. Each conference speaker has battled every single one of these hurdles. Somehow, someway, these church leaders figured out a way to bring great ideas to life with the goal of connecting people with God. 

Flow Conference sessions will help you understand how to work with senior leaders, how to recruit a volunteer team, how to maximize your limited time, and more. 

The goal is not to provide you and your church a one-time, one-off learning experience, but rather a unique, online learning experience that can evolve into a community with whom you can grow. 

The Flow Conference cannot guarantee that you will have more time, more money, or more support where you are. What we can guarantee is that the Flow Conference will guide you, encourage you, and equip you to maximize your time, to influence the influencers, and to keep-on-keeping-on with the great work you have been called to do. 

Make 2016 the year that your best ideas are released upon your church. 

Register your team for #FlowCon16.