Are You Spiritually Healthy?

In our free ebook, Start With You, I discuss the four quadrants of church leader health: spiritual, relational, physical, and emotional. Over the next four weeks, we’ll discuss each of these quadrants and how we as church leaders can seek and maintain our health in these vitally important areas.

When it comes to spiritual health, I can’t help but think of a senior pastor for whom I once worked. He constantly reminded us that spending time with God is the absolute, most important, without-fail, essential, foundational, integral part of your day—whether you were a pastor or not. 

The best part about his admonition was that he practiced what he preached. “PRAYER” was labeled on his shared calendar, and we all knew that he held fast to that time. 

In fact, I once asked him, “How do you find time to spend with God before an early start on busy Sunday mornings?” 

He replied, “How could I not?” 


His answer echoed Luther: “I have so much to do that I shall have to spend the first three hours in prayer.” It also echoed Mother Teresa: “I get up and spend four hours with the Lord every day because he is the deep well, and I need to drop the bucket into the well every day.”

To me, one of the most important factors in seeking spiritual health is to make a point to seek spiritual health. I know that may sound redundant, but how often do you allow the good you do to replace the great work that God wants to do in you (so you can keep doing good)?

If you’ve felt your spiritual health lagging lately, you may need to first ask for help. Talk to someone you trust to help keep you accountable on seeking God first before anything else happens in your day.

Make an unwavering appointment with God every day. Try as hard as you can to let that time be personally, rather than professionally, focused. Allow God to work in you so he can work through you.

Then your spiritual life might be able to likewise echo my pastor, Luther, and Mother Teresa—and that’s pretty good company.