That In-Between Time

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is strange.

After churches go all out for a month in celebrating Christ coming to earth, most church staffs go into hibernation for the following week. Then New Year’s arrives, and the next Monday morning the leadership of the church realizes: it’s time to do it all over again.

For some, that thought fills them with dread. For others, they’re hopeful about the possibilities. Both groups likely suffer from the same affliction: stuck between doing what’s always been done (because it’s easy and repeatable and sure) versus desiring to do so much more (but feeling limited because of time, resources, staffing, or any number of variables that often seem in short supply in church work).

In fact, church leaders and church creatives share this struggle. Leaders want to grow their churches. Creatives want to incarnate their visions. Both types ultimately want to see Jesus glorified in their churches.

But at different points along their journeys, they feel stuck—hindered by expectations based on what they did last year or fearful of stepping too far in the coming year. So instead of advancing the Kingdom and taking smart risks, they fall back on the tried, true, and tested.

Let me challenge you during this in-between time.

Dream big. Pray bigger.

In 2016, don’t get stuck in 2015.

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