Ministry Partner

Staffing a church with the right people may be one of the most challenging jobs for a church leader.

The time required to seek, gather, evaluate, and hire a new position can seem endless, especially when the ongoing work of ministry must continue every day. But what’s the alternative?

If a church leader doesn’t have time, they’ll hire a third-party staffing company like us, Provident Staffing. With our experience and insight into finding and fitting the right people into the right churches, we do all the time-consuming work that ministry leaders want and need to do, but don’t have time to do.

But we can only reach so many churches on our own.

That’s why Provident Staffing has invited you to become a Ministry Partner.

We want to help you help churches, and it’s very easy to do:

Your Role

  1. Search for churches looking to hire church leaders.

  2. Introduce church leaders to Provident Staffing.

  3. Provident Staffing does the rest of the work.

Your Reward

  1. $500 for every church that signs a staffing contract with Provident Staffing.

It’s simple, and we’ll even provide you with sample emails, blog posts, social media updates, and text messages you can use to introduce Provident Staffing to the churches you know that are looking to hire new staff.

If you’re interested in becoming a Provident Staffing Ministry Partner, sign up below. Upon your submission of form, we will email you content to help share Provident with others. 

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