Name: Eric Crews
Date: 9-19- 16
Time: 5:00PM

Based on your past and current career as a pastor, what is your desired future? 

Greater level of leadership

Connecting families for Christ

Developing Christ-centered homes within the community

What do you believe is the most important role as a Senior Pastor?

Shepherd and lead well

Teaching the Word of God

Protect the flock from false teaching

Love the flock well

Why are you applying for this position?

The church’s heart for community was a major draw

Leading Celebrate Recovery classes

Currently working at an inner-city church and developing a multi-cultural church that was once a white only church and almost closed it’s doors.

What are your two greatest strengths as a Senior Pastor?



What two ways could you improve as a Senior Pastor? 


  • Eric sees himself as the “Big Picture” guy but wants to develop the skills of leading out the big picture.
  • Wants to learn more about the “business” side of the church. This skill isn’t developed just due to lack of experience.

What experience do you have as a Care Pastor or in your previous roles how have you cared for the church?

Substance Abuse Counseling, Relational Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching

How is your current relationship with the elder board and congregation?

Very Open, Honest and Prayerful relationship with the elder board

Congregation has been reached in many ways through the outreach that Eric has done. So he has expressed a very unique and special relationship with them.

What role do you believe the church should play in the community in general?

Impact every sphere of community.

Being examples of Christ and leaders in the community

Eric has led many outreach events that were integral to growing the church and creating a more diverse demographic.

Overall I believe Eric would be well suited for this position. His passion for community outreach was evident throughout our conversation as well as in his resume.

With many of the responsibilities that First Christian Church is looking for from a Senior Pastor, Eric is already experienced and well trained in.