Thank you for joining our Ministry Partner program. Below you will find all the details you need to help churches hire great leaders. 

Your Role

  1. Search for churches looking to hire church leaders.

  2. Introduce church leaders to Provident Staffing.

  3. Provident Staffing does the rest of the work.

Your Reward

  1. $500 for every church that signs a staffing contract with Provident Staffing.

It’s simple, and we’ll even provide you with sample emails, blog posts, social media updates, and text messages you can use to introduce Provident Staffing to the churches you know that are looking to hire new staff.

Social Media Samples

Provident Staffing can help your church find the right person for that #ministryjob you’re looking to fill.

Don’t waste your time vetting hundreds of #ministryjob applicants. Let do the work for you.

Don’t know where to find your next church hire? does.

Let find your next church hire. They’ll match applicants’ gifts to your church’s needs.

Text Message Samples

The next time you’re hiring, check out They’re new, but good.

I know you’re looking to fill that spot at your church. Go to and sign up. They’re good people. That’s who you need to help you find and hire a new person for your church.

Email Sample (Specific)


I heard you’re looking to hire someone new for your MINISTRY_POSITION. You should look into They’re a church staffing company that can help you find and vet the right people. I know how time-consuming finding someone new can be. I say let Provident do all the work!

Email Sample (General)


Every time I have to find someone new for my team, I always get anxious. It’s not that I think God won’t provide the right person, but the process is just so long sometimes, and it always takes me away from what I feel like I should be doing for our ministry.

I came across recently and would recommend them if you’re tired of spending too much time looking for that perfect person.

Blog Sample: Save Ministry Time with Provident Staffing

Hiring a new member for a church staff can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of leading a church. So many questions have to be answered about dozens of applicants. And depending on the level of the job, from Web Developer to Senior Pastor, the process could require months—if not years.

Most of this is due to the fact that a majority of churches often do their ministry searches in-house. This isn’t necessarily a bad option, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best option either.

Churches large and small often suffer from a lack of time to accomplish everything they desire to do for their members and communities. And if seeking and vetting a new hire is one of the most time-consuming, that takes a lot of time away from their regular, day-to-day duties.

That’s why I’m a vocal advocate for church staffing companies like

They’ll do the time-consuming work of finding the right person (even searching nationwide), vetting that person, and arranging meetings between top prospects and the churches where they should be a great fit.

The next time your church is looking to hire any type of church leader or creative arts professional, check out—especially if you’re tired of wasting time that could be better spent in doing ministry.