Our main objective at Provident is staffing your future with qualified and vetted leaders. We follow a very intentional staffing process with each search project. 


The first part of our process is the most important. We work with church leadership to define the scope of the open position, seeking to understand the role and responsibilities of the open job.

But we go further: we also seek to understand the church’s culture, the leadership’s vision, the staff’s dynamics, and the community the church serves. In other words, before seeking any candidates, we want to fully understand where the church has been, where it is now, where it’s going, and how its new hire will play a role in what God is doing within that church.


After the scope has been defined, we conduct a nationwide search through:

  • An extensive database of earned email addresses who trust us
  • Social media networks reaching tens of thousands church leaders
  • Real-world interactions that leverage our strategic connections with ministry leaders

Our end goal is to get your church’s open position as much awareness as possible so that we will receive dozens of qualified candidates.


Before sending you any potential hires, we screen the candidates on your behalf, removing any whom we think may not be the best fit for your church. While we’re happy to let you view all of the resumes we receive, we also know that your time is important. With Provident Staffing’s help and deep expertise in church leadership, you can rest assured that our insight and connections will leave you with only the best candidates for your position.


Once our vetting process has been completed, we will send you resumes and contact information on the best candidates. Even at this point, you’re still not alone in the hiring decision. We will work with you to ensure that you’re hiring the right person. If you’re not satisfied with the candidates, we will begin the process anew. Our goal is to ensure that you find the best match of skills, talent, drive, and passion for your position.

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