Church: Sandals Church | Location: Riverside, CA | Website: 

Weekly Attendance: 8,000 + 1,500 online | # of Campuses: 7 | # of Staff: 120 

Sandals Church is a multi-site church in Riverside, California, that was founded by Pastor Matt Brown and his wife, Tammy with the vision to be real with themselves, God, and others. Every element of the organization is centered around this vision of authenticity and the desire to see as many people as possible come to know God and find a place to be real.

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When it comes to filling a need in the organization, Sandals Church isn’t looking for a person to do a job, but they're looking for the next person to join their team. They’re passionate about hiring people who want to work hard and can’t get enough of the vision to be real with themselves, God and others.

A place for you to do your best and life's work.

Sandals Church is in need of a person to join their team to champion the development and care of the organization’s growing staff and culture. The leadership of Sandals Church is aware that their best resource to carry out God’s vision for the church is the people who have chosen to do their life’s work there. Knowing that “culture will eat vision for lunch,” Sandals Church places an incredibly high value on its employees and seeks to create and maintain a culture where people can do their best work in a healthy and thriving organization.

The People Director at Sandals Church will not only lead and develop the existing people and culture, but this person will also be responsible for developing a recruitment and development process that helps build a team that reflects the diversity of heaven and is invested for the long haul. The ideal candidate will resonate with the Sandals Church vision of authenticity and feel called to do their best and life’s work there.


Curate the Staff Culture

  • Provide and champion fresh new ideas to develop, define and steer our staff culture.
  • Guide a healthy change management process when implementing unpopular changes and by influencing change across and up the organization.
  • Oversee the execution of all staff and culture related programs including the milestone program, recognition program, wellness program, retreats, celebrations, etc.
  • Ensure alignment between our vision, our culture, our strategy and our staff development.

Recruiting and Onboarding

  • Transition our recruitment strategy from local and responsive to broad and proactive to ensure we bring forward the best, brightest, diverse world class talent to our organization.
  • Build a mindset and momentum around continuous recruiting among the staff and leadership.
  • Ensure healthy staff movement within the organization including promotions, lateral moves, status changes, departures, releases, etc.

Staff Development

  • Provide thought leadership and transformational innovation in the techniques and tools we use to proactively develop our staff.
  • Ensure we provide an environment that fosters individual self development and ownership.
  • Drive flexibility, mobility, and longevity at all organizational levels.

Compensation, Benefits and Perks

  • Ensure we lead our peers in generosity through core benefit programs.
  • Pioneer new ideas that will help add value to the lives of our staff.
  • Steward the compensation strategy and organizational thinking to ensure consistent and competitive compensation that is aligned with our unique goals and staff members.


The ideal candidate will resonate with the following ethos - 


MOTOR & CAPACITY: You enjoy working hard, can maintain a heavy workload and can change gears comfortably when necessary. You can manage multiple priorities and initiatives without being overwhelmed and remain self-motivated and driven to produce the results that matter regardless of the busyness of the season.

AGILITY: You want to see continuous improvement and are ready and willing to adjust in whatever way is necessary to make that happen. You pursue innovation, think quickly on your feet and respond well to a dynamic, changing environment.

SCALE: You view growth as a beautiful thing because it means more lives are being changed for Jesus. You are familiar and comfortable with the difficulties and changes that come with being part of an organization that’s moving to the next level.

HANDCRAFTED: You have a unique perspective and desire to produce the best you have to offer. Your work is clearly your own and you have no interest in simply remaking what already exists.


CHARACTER: You have a strong reputation of personal and professional integrity because who you are is more important than what you do. You approach every situation with a desire to honor God and others and are authentic, loving and humble as a result.

LEADERSHIP: Your track record of results is evidence that you make things happen and are known for having vision and the ability to follow-through and pull the organization forward. Others respond well to you and trust you to make the right decision.

COACH: People want to be a part of what you’re doing. You can rally others to your cause and you give clear input and direction when they join your team.

CALLING: You are faithful to the task that has been set before you. While you know you are not defined by your job, you also know you were made to do this. You have chosen to step out in faith to both follow where God leads you and stay where he keeps you.


EXCELLENCE: We do our best with the resources we have
SIMPLICITY: We make things simple for others
DIVERSITY: We strive to reflect the kingdom of God and unify a broad range of voices, personalities and cultures.

GOD: We connect ourselves and others to God
AUTHENTICITY: We do things that are and appear genuine
HONOR: We promote unity by honoring God and others through service and humility
RELATIONSHIPS: We bring people together in intentional relationships


Creative open space, collaborative environment, exercise facility and food.


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