Church: Sandals Church | Location: Riverside, CA | Website: SandalsChurch.com

Sandals Church is a multi-site church in Riverside, California, that was founded by Pastor Matt Brown and his wife, Tammy, in 1997. They strive to be real with ourselves, God, and others to bring the gospel of Jesus to Riverside and the world by the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of God.


The Worship Director at Sandals Church is a leader of leaders. You will manage the day to day operations of the worship department and inspire our worship leaders towards authenticity, innovation and creativity. If you ask, "What if?" a few dozen times a day, you will thrive in this role. If you like the way it's always been done, this isn't the place for you. This role is not for a worship leader, necessarily, but for someone who can lead worship leaders as they craft unique experiences for weekend services at multiple locations. If you've proven over the years that you can get the best out of people, inspire them to be better than they ever have been as artists and individuals and understand that music is a unique gift to the world, then this role might be for you. 


You will influence the entire organization at the Network level. A team of worship leaders will report to you and you will be responsible for inspiring them, managing tasks, leading brainstorming sessions and regularly evaluating weekend services and individual performance. 


  • Lead a team of worship leaders. You leading worship personally is a plus, not a requirement. 
  • Oversee service programming and weekend evaluation. 
  • Build and equip a team of volunteers to serve alongside worship leaders. 
  • Create margin to allow for songwriting and recording sessions. 
  • Develop and oversee ROGO School of Worship Internship Program.
  • Inspire and mentor team of experienced worship leaders. 
  • Embraces and integrates the church vision in songwriting and services. 


  • Has experience in large, multi-site church setting. 
  • Is ministry minded, but entrepreneurial. 
  • Has a relational leadership style, not a positional leadership style. 
  • Is ready to influence the global worship conversation by platforming incredible worship experiences. 
  • Is adaptable and innovative. 
  • Has a calling to ministry and focuses on helping people become better at what they do. 


  • Laughing, crying and jumping with excitement is your idea of a "great day at work." 
  • You aren't intimidated by project timelines that extend as far as 2 years or as short as 2 days. 
  • You are ready to be real about your own issues and lead others to be real about theirs. 
  • You already have a deep well of personal inspiration and can easily spit out ideas. 
  • You love to work and you need to be told to go home, to take a break and to take some time off. 
  • You love people and love watching them succeed. 



MOTOR & CAPACITY: You enjoy working hard, can maintain a heavy workload and can change gears comfortably when necessary. You can manage multiple priorities and initiatives without being overwhelmed and remain self-motivated and driven to produce the results that matter regardless of the busyness of the season.

AGILITY: You want to see continuous improvement and are ready and willing to adjust in whatever way is necessary to make that happen. You pursue innovation, think quickly on your feet and respond well to a dynamic, changing environment.

SCALE: You view growth as a beautiful thing because it means more lives are being changed for Jesus. You are familiar and comfortable with the difficulties and changes that come with being part of an organization that’s moving to the next level.

HANDCRAFTED: You have a unique perspective and desire to produce the best you have to offer. Your work is clearly your own and you have no interest in simply remaking what already exists.


CHARACTER: You have a strong reputation of personal and professional integrity because who you are is more important than what you do. You approach every situation with a desire to honor God and others and are authentic, loving and humble as a result.

LEADERSHIP: Your track record of results is evidence that you make things happen and are known for having vision and the ability to follow-through and pull the organization forward. Others respond well to you and trust you to make the right decision.

COACH: People want to be a part of what you’re doing. You can rally others to your cause and you give clear input and direction when they join your team.

CALLING: You are faithful to the task that has been set before you. While you know you are not defined by your job, you also know you were made to do this. You have chosen to step out in faith to both follow where God leads you and stay where he keeps you.


EXCELLENCE: We do our best with the resources we have
SIMPLICITY: We make things simple for others
DIVERSITY: We strive to reflect the kingdom of God and unify a broad range of voices, personalities and cultures.

GOD: We connect ourselves and others to God
AUTHENTICITY: We do things that are and appear genuine
HONOR: We promote unity by honoring God and others through service and humility
RELATIONSHIPS: We bring people together in intentional relationships


Creative open space, collaborative environment, exercise facility and food.


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